Monday, March 12, 2012

Tool 11

1. Edmodo is my favorite tool. I will continue to use it the same way I have been (as described in a previous post).

2. I continue to be concerned about students who do not have ready access to technology outside the classroom. I look forward to having technology inside my classroom, so that I do not have to send students away to the library so that they might fulfill classroom requirements.

3. No

Tool 10

1. Personal safety-the importance of not providing any form of identifying information over the internet. Also, not posting pictures that might include backgrounds or scenery that could be easily identified by individuals not otherwise associated with their lives in a positive way.

Don't post anything on the internet that you would not say in front of your parents, or in front of your teacher.

EVERYTHING that you post on the internet follows you, forever.


3. Probably by anonymously sharing some of the inappropriate remarks that I've had to remove from my edmodo and explaining that the students involved did not receive credit for the assignments.

4. Probably in a similar way that I would share it with the students, except that it might happen on meet the teacher night, and be posted on my teacher webpage.

Tool 9

1. Huh??? Technology can be used as a supplement for achieving the desired outcome of an individual lesson, but I don't feel that it is realistic for technology to be tied to each objective, especially when the availability and reliability of each technological device is not guaranteed for each 7 periods in each instructional day, or for the 160-170 students on my roll.

2. Students are likely held accountable for their personal areas and for their chores and responsibilities in their homes. Not to mention they will be held accountable for their use of technology once they leave school and enter college and/or the workplace. It only makes sense that they would be held accountable for their stations at school-----just like they're accountable for their textbooks-------right?

3. I liked the following websites:

I can create interactive assignments for my students. According to the thinkfinity website I can view student performance at a glance.

I could create an interactive game for social studies and attempt to monitor their usage by utilizing sign-in and sign-out sheets using a time stamp machine for each assignment attempted.

4. Bamboo Paper - Wacom notes for stylus
Students could share their postings with me by syncing with my laptop.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard 
Students could share their postings with me by syncing with my laptop. 

Students could share their postings with me by syncing with my laptop.

I'm realizing that if I'm going to be expected to create "stations" within my classroom  that I'm going to need a lot more physical space, and also an entire student population that has access to advanced technology outside of the classroom. I often loose class time because I have to provide students with access to technology within school hours in order to complete their required edmodo assignments. I guess what I'm saying is that I sign an awful lot of passes to the library. Perhaps having technology inside the classroom will help with that.........

5. I would solicit ideas from the students about how they can foresee using the technology provided within the classroom to further their learning experience. I would take their suggestions to heart and then attempt to integrate them into stations.....

Tool 8

1. The iPod touch and iPad are designed to be personal devices, but are expected to be used as group tools within a classroom of 32-35 students.

Teachers are expected to sync the classroom devices to their teacher laptops.

As I develop materials and download apps as part of my instructional program, I can add content to the device without having to wait on someone else to do it for me.

2. I plan to create a written copy (which will also be posted on my teacher webpage) about the importance of being a good digital citizen. Students will provide a signature indicating that they received the guidelines and that they understand that the privilege of accessing in class technology is contingent upon them being a good digital citizen.

Tool 7

A. Demonstrate and understanding of the causes and  global effects of WWII

B. 2012/2013 School Year

C. Skype

D. Create a Venn diagram listing the causes and effects of WWII by collaborating via Skype with a history classroom in a German secondary school.

E. Yes, I would need help finding another classroom. I suppose that comes in the next tool.......

Tool 6

I currently use edmodo to create an online assignment for students for each chapter in the textbook. The assignments typically consist of consisting of vocabulary activities or open ended questions. In general, around 60-70% of my students complete the assignments.

I see potential usage of skype for hosting discussions with other classrooms. Perhaps students in Germany would  want to participate in a discussion about perceptions of the causes and outcomes of WWII.

Tool 5

My students can and do use animoto to create presentations for classroom projects. My suggestion would be to use it to create a pictorial of the Vietnam War or to make a presentation focusing on symbols of the Cold War.

My students could use the makebeliefscomix website to create comic strips of discussions that might have happened between individuals before the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution or between John F. Kennedy and top military officials during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Tool 4

I understand the concept of sharing, and also providing feedback for homework assignments using GoogleApps, but many of my students do not have access to computers, or the internet, outside of school. Also, many of them attend school all day, go home and change their clothes, then head off to an after school job where they often work until 11 or 12 at night. The 5 netbooks and 1 IPad that I receive to use in my classroom will fall short of serving the 32-34 students I have in my class for each instructional period. In a "perfect" world these things and ideas seem very applicable and valuable, but I'm at a loss figuring out how to make it work in my particular setting....